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Preparing a car for ceramic coating is a crucial step to ensure the coating  adheres properly and provides long-lasting protection and a high-quality finish. Here are the professional steps for prepping a car for a ceramic coating.
              Wash the Car Thoroughly
  • Begin with a high-pressure rinse to remove loose dirt and debris.
  • Brio uses a pH-balanced automotive shampoo and a microfiber wash mitt to wash the car. Clean from top to bottom and use the two-bucket method to minimize swirls and scratches.
  • Pay special attention to areas with heavy contaminants like bug splatters, tar, or tree sap. Use specific cleaners or solvents as needed.
  • Rinse thoroughly to ensure all soap residue is removed.
              Decontaminate the Paint
  • Brio uses a clay bar or clay mitt to remove embedded contaminants like industrial fallout, rail dust, and pollution particles. Lubricate the surface with a clay lubricant.
  • For more aggressive decontamination, you can also use iron fallout removers.
              Polish and Correct Paint Imperfections
  • We inspect the paint for swirls, scratches, and imperfections. Consider using a paint gauge to measure paint thickness.
  • If necessary, perform paint correction using a dual-action polisher, compounds, and polishes to remove defects and restore a smooth finish. This step is crucial for achieving a flawless result.
  • After correction, clean the surface to remove polishing residue.
              IPA Wipe-Down
  • Wipe the car’s surface with isopropyl alcohol (IPA) or a dedicated panel wipe to remove any remaining polish or compound residue. This ensures a clean surface for the ceramic coating to bond to.
              Inspect for Swirls and Imperfections
  • We inspect the paint again to make sure all swirls and imperfections have been removed. If necessary, repeat the correction process until you’re satisfied with the finish.
              Apply a Ceramic Coating Primer (Optional)
  • Some ceramic coatings come with a dedicated primer. If your chosen coating requires this, apply the primer as directed by the manufacturer.
               Apply the Ceramic Coating
  • Apply the ceramic coating according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Typically, this involves applying the coating evenly in small sections and then buffing it off after a specified curing time.
  • Brio uses high-quality microfiber applicator pads and towels for this step.

              Cure and Maintain

  • Allow the coating to cure as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. This can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.
  • After curing, maintain the coating as instructed by the manufacturer. This usually involves using specific maintenance products and techniques to prolong the coating’s lifespan.

Remember that the quality of the prep work significantly affects the durability and performance of the ceramic coating. It’s often a good idea to seek professional assistance, especially for paint correction, to achieve the best results. Please call for details and an appointment.832-649-7626.